Please use MENU and MORE tabs for Links to Electric Guitars - Acoustic Guitars - Semi & Electric Acoustic Guitars And even BASS GUITARS,,,,,,,ALL GOOD QUALITY  and in most case Set-Up and Restrung with good quality strings as part of inspection before put up for advertizing.  Catch me on Face Book for Mad Comments or just for a way to say Hi and contact me.  There is Also Now a New Page for Lower Budget Guitars. Just to find any cheapo's for the Road Trip, camping Festival, Pub Garden entertainment...You know what I mean.  If you dont, its not a problem.  Dont lead a sheltered life though, its too short to get embarrassed about anything...  Click MORE and follow Links for ,    GUITARS *to clear*  ( usually under £60 ).....

 .  This was just created to free up space and is New.  There may be some guitars displayed twice until we have finished updating the website.  But please feel free to ask about any details using the Email address  or one of the feedback links.  Please continue to Browse and enjoy the website allbeit unfinished to dat.


        Andy Ritchie

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Welcome to HairnoHat

Who are we:  selling affordable guitars.  Just come round to try any guitar we have available.  Usually any morning.  No pushy sales, but maybe a cup of coffee while you brouse.  Nearly always other Used and sometimes New related accessories.  Just ask when you come to collect your guitar

What do we offer:   Pre-owned & Budget Used Guitars Also as near new condition.  Fresh set of quality strings and set-up if required.  Any faults rectified as required for ability of playing ease and comfort. Any guitars with serious structural faults will not be sold on...but maybe made into Wall Art

Where are we located: .Northampton NN5  (Nr.  J 15a of the M1   and very close to Sixfields NorthamptonTown Football Stadium & Sixfields Rock Festival Location)