Hardshell Case suitable Tele's

Available when purchasing a guitar

Available when buying your guitar.

Only selling to guitar purchasers.

£44.99 when purchasing a guitar

Hardshell case with keys

Available to guitar buyers only.

New unused and also Good Condition Used Gig-Bags / Ruck sack type Guitar bags. New £9.99 Good condition Used from £7.99 And others ( price depending on condition)

Picture: Guitars shown to as example for size of guitars ( each bag shown contains a guitar the same as ) s example)

Various Straps

Padded Elec Guitar Travel Cases

Not Rigid. Pease inquire availability

Pictures show random examples

but always usually available

Trem-Arms ( see accessories page


see accessories page

Most accessories available

TUNERS. Clip on also available

New clip-ons usually available. Please ask ( see accessories page)

Ask for a few complimentary plectrums