Bigsby Vibrato Tension Bar Springs often available at £10 each Or can be ordered in Black/Chrome/Gold

Bigsby Vibrato Arm Tension Springs at £10 each Usually available or can be ordered . Black/Chrome or Gold. 7/8th or 1 inch

Bigsby style Vibrato

Tension arm springs available or to order

This pic shows Chrome

7/8th size or 1 inch

NEW Chrome at £10

Gypsy Jazz 3 piece Bridge

Rosewood Mounted Floating Bridge

Floating Bridge with Brass Roller Saddles

Gypsy Jazz 3 pc Rosewood Floating Bridge

Rosewood Jazz - Gypsy Jazz Floating Bridge

Mounted adjustable bridge saddle

3 Piece Rosewood Floating Bridge. Gypsy Jazz Bridge. £5.00 (not including P&P If Required)

Gypsy Jazz Floating Rosewood Bridge £5.00 + ( P & P if Required)

Rosewood Bridge mounted adjustable Bridge and removable Saddle £18.00 P&P Not Included

Gypsy Jazz Bridge, Adjustable Bridge and Removable Saddle £18.00

Jazz Guitar - Gypsy Jazz Guitar Floating Bridge. Brass Roller Saddles £15.00 ( P & p Not Included )

Floating Bridge. Mounted Adjustable with Brass Roller Saddles £15.00 P & P Not Included

Gypsy Jazz Floating Bridge - Adjustable Mounted Saddle in Rosewood. £10.00 Not Including P & P if required

Gypsy Jazz - Jazz Guitar Floating Saddle £10.00