MARSHALL MG15dfx at £ 64.99

All functions well

This is the MG 15 dfx Marshall Amp

All functions working fine. at £ 64.99

TOP: MG15 dfx at £65. Below:MG30dfx

WIRELESS Guitar Effectors (stock may vary) Present stock £79.99

Wirel Transmitter at around £40 (varies on type)ess FX

Range approx 30m

Just In: MARSHALL MG30dfx. Tested; all good. £ 99.99

at £ 99.99 the MARSHALL MG30dfx Combi

Small gig / backstage / Studio or Home Practice Amp

View laying down sideways

Pic: shown alongside a Fender Strat to show size of Amp

Guitar not included in price of the Amp at £99.99. See Elec Guitar page for Guitar shown in picture

Thr Marshall MG30dfx combination amp at £99.99

Ideal pice of serious amplification for small indoor /outdoor performing Or practice for serious playing


Hi. Just thought I'd explain the history of the Amplifiers that I have accumalated. 

These Amps are usually Pre- owned by Guitar players that I have bought guitars in from .  They have been used, sometimes in a professional capacity.  So they have seen action. Other amps may be ones that I have bought in with the prices of Guitars I have bought in, the seller wanting to dispose of the amplifier as well as the guitar they have given up learning on...It happens.  So I am selling these amplifiers "As- Is"  Please remember that and always test it to your satisfaction before taking it away as I will not accept returns once the Amplifier has been taken away.  Agree on the price, buy it or not buy it

I do not buy in Amplifiers, nor do I repair or refurbish them.  Used Amplifiers for sale is what it is. Used Amplifiers for sale !!.

The Jack Leads and other stuff is usually NEW and I only tend to sell to purchasers of my guitars to let them have the required kit to set up their Electric Guitar journey.  Iam not selling for any other reason, just for My Customers. The stock of such, I buy in at my expense and the price I charge is usually what I pay for unless any other expense is put upon me.  I'm selling Jack Leads, Capo's etc as a courtesy to My Guitar buyers.

Iam also selling Gig-Bags, Flight Cases as and when I get them in.  I do not order specific items.  What here is for sale as Used item Gig Bags.  Price is usually as I see the worth to go with a purchased guitar and / or the quality of the item.

If you are stuck for anything, you can always ask. If I can help you out I will.  Iam not a sho, but I do get some really nice good condition guitars in.  It takes time, but I do get them.

See you soon.  Andy Ritchie


PICTURED: A Marshall Practice Amp ( now sold) Squier FENDER* FENDER white Jack Lead cord

EPIPHONE  EP800  retro 25w Amplifier.  Looks cool.

EP800 25w Retro Guitar Amp £75

Nice retro Tweed finish from EPIPHONE of Gibson guitar makers

Epiphone combi pictured with guitar to show size

Guitar not included in the price of the EP 800 25w Amplifier

Serious Retro Amp £75.00

From Epiphone and their makers, Gibson

For the young beginner. Amp (only) at £15

Pictured with guitar to show size. Guitar not included in price

gear4music "starter amp" £ 15

Ideal starter small practice amp from gear4music. Enquire about The gear4music Electric Guitar Now in Stock. See Guitars pages

**Guitar shown in Pic to show size of Amp**

***Guitar not included in Price**

e.g. A perfect match-child suitable

a gear4music Electric Guitar to accompany the gear4music small practice amp

Jack Leads (NEW) * Capo's (NEW) * Headphone mini amps (NEW)

10 Foot ( 3M) New Jack leads from £8.50

Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, whatever I have in stock available

10 foot (3m) Jack Lead (blue) £ 8.50

more colours may be available

CAPO'S - Various types

from £5 to £12 Depending on what is available at the time. But usually have a few in stock for Guitar buying customers

Plug into guitar Headphone Amp £18

Just plug into your electric guitar, connect to headphones for Noise-less Practice

Example: 10 Feet ( 3M ) Long Jack Leads

More colours usually available at... £8.50

HARLEY BENSON HB-10G 10Watt used Amp £ 30.00

The Harley Benton small practice Amp shown with a Fender Strat to show size proportion . Amp is £25 The guitar can be found on the Electric Guitars page

New- Headphone Guitar Amp. Plug straight into your guitar and connect headphones direct


Torque Acoustics T5 CMBOAmp,,only £30 Guitar not included. **see Electric Guitar Pages**