Guitar Bundle Packs are Available as long as items are still available. Ads below are an Example and may vary

Electric Guitar Bundle Packages are available subject to accessories being available.  Guitars are often sold and accessories are an after thought.  Whatever is available, Is for sale and I am happy to add to your purchase as long as I have what you want.

I will not Sell accessories seperately without the purchase of a guitar.  Its only fair that my customers can buy the things they might need to go along with their guitar purchase.

With the exception of existing customers, I will not sell accessory items or items such as Amps, Jack Leads Capo's and other sundries seperately

 Most of the items are Pre-Owned, but in good used condition.  However I do buy items that are New, prices are reflected in that status. All pre-owned amps and Jack Leads are tested, but they are sold as tried and seen on the day.

Note: As stated above. please enquire about bundle packs to make sure the items you have viewed in the Example Ads are still available.  You are quite welcome to make your own selectione of accessories to go with your purchased guitar.  I am not a shop, but if what you want is available, you are welcome to ask for details

Some items may not be available as they are available for sale as individual items

This is an Example with current stock

All items shown are for sale individually

Please enquire


Bundle Pack or items available seperately with your guitar purchase

When buying your Electric Guitar, please ask

Why not add a practice amp, Gig Bag, jack lead and a strap

Ask about accessories for your electric guitar

Accessories only available to guitar buyers

Using a Headset Mini Amp.

Just plug in the mini amp into the Jack input on your guitar and connect your headset. Noise free practice

Crafter ST 200 Elec Guitar,Harvey Benton practice Amp, Crafter Gig-Bag, Jack lead and Strap £82

an "As New" Crafter Cruiser model Elec Guitar,Harley Benton Amp, Crafter padded Gig-Bag,Jack Lead and strap £99

Marlin Strat, Practice Amp, Gig-Bag, Jack Lead and strap £99

Squier Affinity Elec Guitar from FENDER. Gig-Bag, FENDER ReVerb amp,Jack Lead snd strap £150

Marlin Sidewinder ( many new and upgraded parts) Torque Practice Amp, Gig-Bag, Jack Lead and strap £150

A "near new" EPIPHONE Les Paul Special model Electric Guitar, A pre-owned condition Marshall Practice Amp, Gig-Bag, Jack Lead and strap £200

EPIPHONE STRAT Pre owned Electric Guitar, A Pre Owned Marshall Practice Amp, Gig - Bag, Jack Lead and a strap £210