ALVAREZ smaller Folk Size bodied Semi Acoustic £ 94.99

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ALVAREZ RF16 C Folk size semi acoustic. Remarkable condition at £ 94.99. Also see Acoustic and Elec / Acoustic pages

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***The Ideal Starter Guitar***

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Black Legacy semi acoustic smaller body ( under full size guitar) ***NOW SOLD***NOW SOLD***


Acoustic / Electric Folk Guitar

Smaller Bodied Guitars

Legacy Semi Acoustic )see under Acoustic Guitars)

Smaller Body Roundback

Encore 7F - TS Nolonger available

(Left) HOYER 12 STRING Vintage guitar. (Middle) EPI Folk Guitar. (Right) Dreadnought Cut-away acoustic / electric MARLIN eg Full Size

Vintage 1960's HOYER 12 String. No issues, fully functional, very useable player

Vintage HOYER 12 String

Made in Germany 1960's

Tunes up well and stays tuned as required

No Neck, headstock issues. No sinking or warps

No Bridge lifting issues or Bellying

No neck sinking into body when strings tensioned. Always stays well tuned for periods required

The only cosmetic wear (from arm resting)

No cracks or fractures in structure, maybe just some age related laquer craze related to age


Sold at a London Music Store in 1960's authenticated

Selling as "Busker / Festival / Campfire Guitar ( neck issue But useable ) Hence, Priced at £ 34.99

Encore ENC-02  ROUNDBACK Semi Acoustic.  Has slightly bowed neeck but still playable for basic playing.  Action a little high "midway down the fretboard" But still a very useable guitar.  P/up and pots tested OK.  New battery installed and New Strings.

Ideal for a Traveller..Pub Garden. Festival evening campfireside entertainment, Busking, Slide or just as a "STARTER GUITAR" to pin down those early chord practice sessions.

Not to be sniffed at , at this price.  NOTE: New Strings and Pre Amp Battery.  Elecs all good for use and No other issues apart from neck distortion.  No Buz and tunes up fairly accurately.

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View down neck Re-Strung & Tuned ( strings normal pitch tension)

View down neck Strings Taut - Normal Playing tension - No Buzz - but slightly higher action Mid-Way dowm Fretboard

Encore Roundback

Semi Acousti Folk Guitar

New Strings - Truss Rod ....

...not inspected

"Bargain Busker" at £ 34.99. Still a

bargain, even with Neck Issue... Click MENU for more options