BURSWOOD JW-41F acoustic guitar at only £59.99 Presented set-up and new strings fitted. This is a low budget guitar well suited to a starter for tuition

a very comfortable string height

12th fret

Presented Set-Up and with New Strings

all for only £59.99

FRESHMAN Renegade RENO-CNAT £99.99 Folk Elec-Acoustic On Board EQ. Quality New Strings fitted. In Immaculate cosmetic condition


Freshman Elec-Acoustic Folk Guitar

A Beginners Guitar. This is a better than new CROSSFIRE starter guitar. It comes with a fres new decent set of strings on and set up nice with a easy playing action now. Not the same as it was when straight out of the box, its miles easier to play now. It is a Budget Guitar, but it is As-New other than the set-up and strings. But only asking for £49.99

Crossfire 6 string Acoustic

Full size Dreadnought

Presented in Immaculate Red finish

As New + set-up + Decent New Strings

Only £49.99 (pic shows new strings, now clipped)

ask about acccessories when collecting your guitar

STAGG SW201 BLK ( now elec/acoustic ) Quality New Strings, set-up, neck, frets fingerboard sericed at only £74.99

Now Elec / Acoustic SW201 Model STAGG at only £74.99

Strap Button Jack input

Hardly a blemish to be seen.

A very tidy guitar at only £74.99

Maia M-7N Acoustic Guitar Matte Grain finish in Red. £64.99

Quality New Strings fitted

Set-up. Fingerboard and Fret Wires sericed

New Bridge Pins

This Guitar is New

albeit for 2 flaws. Machine wrongly positioned and minor blemish (see 4th string tuner)

at only £64.99

comes set-up New Quality strings and Bridge Pins to suit colour of this attractive guitar

This pic shows flaw

Slight dullness to the finish on the top shoulder/bout

Very very slight dullness to finish

See Top Right Tuner

It was out of alignment. re-positioned now

4th String machine Re-Positioned

you can, if you look hard , see the old screw hole. This is not a problem and tunes fine

Maia Acoustic. As-New £64.99

2 slight flaws. 1 Rectified

MAIA (As-New) Acoustic Guitar. Quality New Strings (Ernie Ball 11.s Light) Set Up Neck, Fingerboard and Fret Wires Serviced. Only £64.99