YAMAHA FG700MS ( neck crack-repaired )

At £99.99

Glued neck repair Hardly Visible

And DOES NOT affect playability or intonement

Satisfactrially Repaired Neck


Yamaha FG 700MS with a satisfactory reapir (split in nec, but not broken off) Selling at £99.99 and presented cleaned and setup with top quality new strings fitted.

Harley Benton Electric Guitar "As-New" Model MS-60 at only £99.99

HARLEY BENTON DeLuxe MS-60 VW. "as-new"

Immaculate in Vintage White and only £99.99


MS-60 Model

Harley Benton Guitars


At only £59.99 I'm presenting this on as an "Ol' Busker" FENDER DG 3. Presenting as an "Ol' Busker" due to it having a very slight bow at the end of the neck. This brings me to the repair. I think thay somebody had tried to rectify the bow by trying to bend the headstock end and then realized that they were were splitting the wood at the headstock end. I got this in, I was going to keep it for spares, then I thought Id adjust the truss, shave down the Bridge saddle and use it as a "go-to" practice guitar. So having put some second's string on, I found it played really well And the repair I did ( re setting and gluing the neck split ) 2 weeks on, I ve now put some good quality strings on. The neck is good, but not quite true, but intonement is good as any. So once again this is a good playing and sounding acoustic guitar. It is what it is and i'm sure would and will make a good practice guitar or travel companion guitar or stick a cheap p/up on it and use t for outdoor work. Note: Quality New Strings have been used.

Quality New Strings

just fitted

Position of repair

Just under fretboard to mid rear of neck for 3 frets. Glued and Clamped for 36 hours and satisfactory result

Hardly visible

see for hairline crack

"Ol' Busker" at only £59.99

FENDER DG 3 presented as repaired

"Ol' Busker"

Labelled s "Sue Ryder Charity" This Budget, entry level guitar presented with quality new strings and setup. At only £54.99 it is in fantastic unblemished condition.

A very presentable Acoustic Guitar £54.99

Sue Ryder Label. Not sure of maker

String height at 12th Fret

Guitar has been set-up, cleaned and quality strings used

Almost Immaculate condition. Only £54.99


Budget unbranded Sue Ryder Label Guitar

#2 Vintage V400 N at £99.99

a nicely matured V400 model

Quality New Strings & Set-up

This is currently one of two

This is slightly more mature and has slight blemish (see bottom of picture)

This pic show slight blemish

This is bot structural, just cosmetic

#2 matured V400N VINTAGE Acoustic


A Mature VINTAGE V400 N at £99.99 Presented setup with Quality New Strings used. One or two blemishes, but plays and sound very well. This is one of many Vintage make guitars I have. They are solid, a players guitar.