This page is for guitars that are under £100. 

Some guitar will be new, but are only low budget entry level brands.  Some may be better brands and some may be real quality guitars nearing the end or in need of repair thatb may be uneconomical to replace part or beyond cosmetic re-invention.  But If they are on this Page they Will Be Playable intruments and deserve to be played to thoe whoe only require to use them as such.  None will be advertized for sale other than described.  Look out fro Ol Buskers....these described as so, often Do A Job.

Keep an eye on my cheap n cheerful little site.  I'll try to update regularly weather and finger permitting.

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WESTFIELD B200 Nat finish. As-New with advantage of being setup £99.99 It is now a ready to play with a nice comfortable action. So nice and easy to press down the stings and ideal as a starter guitar. It is a New Guitar with a setup.

Westfiel B200 New

Nice low action - just setup - beginner friendly

New Westfield B200 £99.99 with setup

As-New + Setup

Ready for easy playing / Novice starter....

Immaculate starter Guitar at £84.99

New Striings and setup

FENDER DG3 at ony £24.99 Due to its present condition and at present uneconomical to repair I'm selling this as an Ol Busker Camping/fest/buskin etc. Bottm ender , not really one for playing up the neck.. Its untidy and cnt be setup within budget. But h had new atrings AND is a Player to within needs for

*O'l Busker* Fender DG3

Play ok, but can't be set up due to issues, hence Low Price

Repair to neck, No T/rod adjustment available

and a few dings. And it still a player

FENDER DG3 AT £24.99 an Ol Busker

Ideal for use t camping/fests/party's etc

Only £34.99

Sue Ryder Label entry level budget guitar

Sue Ryder Entry Level Guitar. vgc, estup with new quality strings. All at only £34.99

. mature VINTAGE V400N at £59.99 Has had the usual setup and New Strings at time brought in. A little untidy but a great buy at the price l

Yamaha FG700MS Setup & New Quality Strings. *Sufficiently repaired neck* Hence, priced at £99.99 Have used this one as my go-to. Soo used daily and I have found no problems with tuning or intonation and I am satisfied with repair.

Area of neck repair

Smooth glide and hardly visible

See Pic Close Up

Repair just visible

At only £9.99 a True Tone 12 fret Acoustic Guitar from Braganza & Co. Plays OK. Hardly feel any tension on the strings and seems to stay in pitch well. It has steel strings as it came in. But would probablyNylon or Gut would work for you, but selling "as-is"

True Tone 12 fret Acoustic £19.99

True Tone by Braganza & Co

£9.99 these sell for thousands in India (Rupees)

Currently fitted with steel strings - as it arrived in