COUNTRYMAN from Hohner.   £39.99

MARTIN Strings used


COUNTRYMAN at only £39.99 New Good Quality Strings used. New Nut & Saddle

COUNTRYMAN Martin light s just fitted. £39.99

Countryman from Hohner at £ 39.99

Quality New Strings used


The Countryman from Hohner

At only.....£39.99

New quality strings, nut & saddle

TANGLEWOOD TW-400 N Earnie Ball Earthwood strings used. £49.99

Tanglewood £49.99

TW-400 N Tanglewood


Earnie Ball

Earthwood strings used

A cheap Tanglewood to clear

sounds very nice with its new quality strings

A Bargain at only £49.99

£ 34.99 Ideal childs starter Electric Guitar "As-New" condition

A near new gear4music L.A.Electric Guitar. New strings just fitted

3 single coip P/ups, Vol and 2 Tone Pots

Trem arm is present

£ 34.99 gear4music Electric Guitar

New strings just fitted

Its "As-New" at only.....

£ 34.99

*** £ 34.99 ***

please see other related items Gig-Bags, straps, Practice Amps, Jack Leads etc

HOHNER MW400N.  Description is Rough n Ready, Cheap n Cheerful.  Now playing quite well with a slight neck issue resolved to its best optimum and intonation fairly accurate after adjustments made  to make it a player again  Selling at £ 29.99

, Bargain at £ 29.99

£ 29.99

Pic showing a very respectable String height at 12th Fret.

A Jim Harley CR10  Acoustic. Modified to semi acoustic.  Ideal busker  at only...............  £ 29.99  With New Strings fitted as well!!

Very much the worse for wear but fully functional for busking / basics or just as a Practice Starter guitar

Tatty, but make a good camping companion at £29.99

Squier from FENDER. 6 String Acoustic R H Player.   £ 54.99

Presented in fair condition for a used guitar and comes with quality new strings fitted.

Squier from FENDER Used Condition. Quality Strings fitted at £ 54.99

In good playing condition...with new strings fitted and ready to play £ 54.99