HERALD. Small classical type guitar (said to be three quarter size) vgc £24.99 New Strings Fitted and in very good presentable condition

HERALD 3 / 4 (classical size) acoustic guitar


Cleaned, action adjusted and re-strung

In almost unblemished condition at only


at only £24.99


Shown alongside same model in Natural

Sue Ryder Label Acoustic Guitar. vgc Quality New Strings & Set up. Only £54.99

A very presentable Acoustic Guitar £54.99

Sue Ryder Label. Not sure of maker

String height at 12th Fret

Guitar has been set-up, cleaned and quality strings used

Almost Immaculate condition. Only £54.99


Budget unbranded Sue Ryder Label Guitar

BURSWOOD JW41F acoustic

Quality New Strings & Set-up

In very presentable condition at only £59.99

Cleaned, Set-up & New Quality Strings

Great Value at only £59.99

BURSWOOD JW-41F Acoustic Guitar at £59.99 Presented Cleaned, Set-up & Quality New Strings Also, presented in very good condition. Plays easy & comfortable action with nice encouraging tones. as well as being in great cosmetic condition

STAGG SW201 ( now elec/acoustic) Quality New Strings and set up at £74.99

Presenting at £74.99 STAGG SW201

Now fitted with P/ups. Set-up & Quality New Strings fitted too

Nice shiney black finish

(middle guitar) Stagg acoustic with piezzo p/ups

The jack lead input is in the Strap Button

#2 Vintage V400 N at £94.99

a nicely matured V400 model

Quality New Strings & Set-up

This is currently one of two

This is slightly more mature and has slight blemish (see bottom of picture)

This pic show slight blemish

This is bot structural, just cosmetic

#2 matured V400N VINTAGE Acoustic


*one of two at present in stock* VINTAGE V400 N. nicely matured acoustic guitar at £ 94.99 Presented Cleaned, Set-Up and fitted with Quality New Strings