NOTE:  Due to the limitations of this website I have had to divide in two my Acoustic Guitar Pages.  It seems the more pictures I try to present of present stock really makes it impossible to put all on one page and really slows the website to a halt.  Therefore, unless issues are resolved, All Guitars I have in stock that I have valued at less than £ 60  will be on this page  "GUITARS*to clear* " and guitars above that value will be on page "Acoustic Guitars"  To navigate, just use the Links that are present and for further Links, click on the "MORE" Button ( Top Right of Browser Bar )

WESTFIELD  WF400 N.  6 string acoustic.   £ 59.99

Not bad Guitars these Westfields.  Made in Scotland, well at least Scotts manufactured last I heard.

This one's in Not Bad at all condition,clean and tidy and wouldnt disgrace anyones Studio, Lounge wherever you use it.  It plays wel, good resound and at this price would make a nice guitar for Tuition and practice, or just to get started on.  And you would'nt need to upgrade too soon, as it will see you beyond the basics.  So, its a nice tidy well kept guiitar.  Quality Strings have been used in preperation.  And a nice price too at........  £ 59.99

WESTFIELD WF 400 N. £ 59.99

HOHNER MW400N.  new strings fitted and plays ok for basics.  Anything more elaborate becomes difficult with slight issu of neck distortion.  Action only high mid neck.  May be resolved with adjustment, but fine for open chords and basics.  Selling at £ 19.99

New Strings fitted to this guitar. Although has issue, Bargain at £ 19.99

With New string fitted £ 19.99

A Jim Harley CR10  Acoustic. Modified to semi acoustic.  Ideal busker  at only...............  £ 29.99  With New Strings fitted as well!!

Very much the worse for wear but fully functional for busking / basics or just as a Practice Starter guitar

Tatty, but make a good camping companion at £29.99


SHERWOOD Model:SH775 RD. Cheap n Cheerfull, but very playable guitar. New strings fitted £ 34.99

a bit rough around the edges, but an ideal "ol busker" Pub garden / campfire / festival etc. You cant lose at this price

Squier from FENDER. 6 String Acoustic R H Player.   £ 54.99

Presented in fair condition for a used guitar and comes with quality new strings fitted.

Squier from FENDER Used Condition. Quality Strings fitted at £ 54.99

In good playing condition...with new strings fitted and ready to play £ 54.99