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Due to all the guitars I have sourced and collected being "USED" guitars.  When I get them In I like to do the best to make them available in good playing condition.  In most cases serviced.  The fingerboard is cleaned and oiled. The fret wires cleaned and in some cases "compond polished" Neck Relief is measured and set.  In all but a very few cases Top Quality Strings are fitted and then the action is set for ease of playability. So further adjustments are made if required, Neck Tension and set - up.  Any guitars with distorted necks or unleel wires will be corrected as required.  If not possible regarding the value of the guitar or there is any slight faults that can not be rectified within expense ratio, the guitar will not be sold Or maybe, if its still a playable instrument within boundaries, it may be sold and classed as what I like to call "A Busker"  Details will always be given in the guitars description.

So regarding "How to Buy a Guitar"  I really prefer it if the potential buyer comes round and tries the guitar for themselves and make surre they are satisfied.

I can sometimes ship a guitar.  But this will only be an avvailable option If.  I have a required Guitar Carton for Shipping. And only if the Buyer arranges their own courier to collect At their own expense and with their Own Insurance as I offer NO RETURNS  and can not hold responsibility once the guitar has left my  premisses.

  A full payment must be paid in advance before I box the guitar.  Bank Transfer is best.  But if you need to pay by PayPal, I need to reciee the Full Payment as sometimes there can be a fee that PayPal deduct.  But Full Payment is Required to me.

But, much better to come try the guitar(s) of your choice.  And if any other items you require are aailable, you can pick them up at the same time.  There is No discount for multiple sales.  My home is my point of Sale and my stock is, as I said earlier, sourced individually.  So unfortunately I cannot order in any model of guitars....All currently aailable guitars are here, on this website "For Sale Pages"   Accessories are not for sale seperately, but only to previous customers. Or on day of sale.

Thanks for looking.  Andy    at:

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