A Black Paisley HARLEY BENTON ST-70 DeLuxe Model "As-Nu" at £129.99 Ceaned, Serviced and Set-Up with Quality New Strings

Harley Benton Strat £129.99

Black Paisley ST-70 deluxe model

"As-New" with addition of..

a brand new Set-up using Quality New Strings

Intonation and Action...

Improved from factory settings

H B Paisley Black ST-70 DeLuxe model


Shine Super Strat. At £119.99 Not without a few war wounds, but a nice one to play around with and offers plenty of potential. Its had a P/up's upgrade (see pics for Entwistle upgrade)

SHINE. Super Strat model at £119.99

a nice guitar for chopping about with. It could potentially be what you want

Please view picture.

See imperfections in the finish. Also see pups upgrades. Its one you can chop about or a great starter

At only £119.99 with set-up and new strings. Its ready for use.

Or chop and change. A great little guitar for your enjoyment

Squier Strat. Its Red and its a nice one.

( 22 fret model ) ask if you want dimensions thcikness etc

SQUIER "Fender" STRAT vgc at £129.99

Set up using top quality strings

Squier Strat in the perfect Red. Quality New Strings fitted in cleaning and setting up. Great comfortable action up and down the 22 fret neck. No playing issues. Nicely priced at £129.99 as these seem to becoming more and more sought after. So keep an eye on this one

ESP LTD Viper - 50 at only £144.99

Ready to use.

Nicely set-up and quality new strings fitted

ESP Ltd Viper - 50 In brilliant, hardly a blemish Black.At £144.99 it has been comdortable set up and quality strings used. Effortless and to use. Great sustain, intonement atoptimum. A great sound from the humbuckers. Well worth a try and you;ll be convinced

EPIPHONE Les Paul Special in Immaculate Black £159.99 Cleaned and set up using top quality new strings

BLACK EPIPHONE.....Excellent condition

Les Paul Special

Quality strings only

used in set-up


Ceam / White Strat Squier improved

Copper sheilded cavities. Upgrades to p/ups,pots & tuners

Improved upgraded tuners

Pic showing the only real blemishes on the guitar....

Blemishes or signs of charecter !!?

Fender Strat copy from Squier Affinity make-up

Mods & upgrades. Price: £189.99

Cream / White Strat. Squier Affinity modification Fender White Strat look-alike with authentic changes and detailed improvements. Priced at £189.99 comes presented wIth Quality New Strings, Set up, cleaned and serviced with attention to fret wires and fingerboard Cavity Insulated, Pot, p/ups and tuners upgraded

The EPIPHONE Black Strat......

Plays very nicely...Looks...very nice too

Epiphone Black Strat in good condition

Al set-up with top quality strings. Priced at £169.99

The Epiphone Strat in unblemished Black, 22 fret neck. Cleaned, set-up and quality new strings used at £169.99

The GOULD GS-72 in As-New codition with addition of a Set-up and Quaity New Strings just fitted. £169.99

In immaculate As-New condition

As-New electric guitar from Gould at only £169.99

VINTAGE VSA500 CR In Pristine Condition at £299.99

Maple slightly offset Top and body. Mahogany "offset" Set-Neck. finished in Cherry Red which is in Immaculate condition Wilkinson Double Coil Humbucker Alnico P/ups. Wilkinson Tunerers and other hardware. It is presented fully set

Wilkinson-DeLuxe Tuners ...

Wilkinson Vintage Voice pair of Double Coil Anlico Humbucker P/ups

Model: VSA500 CR at £299.99 from..

John Hornsby Skewes- Wilkinson / VINTAGE

its Quite Immaculate at only £299.99

and Impressive take on a 335

Set-Up....neck relief, Fingerboard cleaned and oiled, Fret Wires Cleaned and Top Quality New Strings used in setting Up for a very comfortable action. Ready ToPerform,

at £299.99

** Get Convinced ** its JHS Wilkinson Vintage Not a 335

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TELECASTER.   Squier Telecaster from FENDER. Condition is NEW.  at  £179.99


This is a New Telecaster, Model Squier Affinity from FENDER.

It comes in immaculate tabacco burst finish. Tested, strung and set up ready to perform



This is a Squier Affinity Telecaster. As New but with Good Top Quality strings and set-up

Squier Affinity Tele at £179.99

"As-New" with new set-up and quality new strings

From new, used once

Set-up and quality new strings fitted

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Following further Research from "Guitar Insite" They inform me that this may be a Delia from the First Act Custom Shop and named as a Delia Cola-Burst. But still inconclusive as not being able to link the Serial Number. First Act did have their own Custom Shop in Bostn. But is no longer there. But they did have their own on site Luthier customizing models.Bigsby Vibatone Tension arm spring is now fitted and guitar is ready to use.

First Act Delia "custom shop copy"

Ornate decoration to the fingerboard and headstock

(Not Inlaid)

Now at £399.99

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