The best way to describe this , is look clodely .....Bridge Trem etc.  New pickguard, Pots, P/ups etc etc. Fender Super Bullet Strings fitted. Looks great and fulfills expectancy

**** NOW REDUCED **** BLACK MARLIN SIDEWINDER. many new and customed parts ( see close - up's) Was £ 150 now reduced £ 89.99

Locking NUT

qUALITY fender bullets used in Set Up

In very nice condition

Locking Bridge, Trem block. See new P/ups and Pots

Jack input surround and Machine heads BLACK

MARLIN fretboard

CRAFTER. Cruiser ST 200 . PINK & IMMACULATE £44.99

This CRAFTER Cruiser ST200 comes in immaculate playing and cosmetic condition.  New quality strings and a set-up were recently done.  Being Pink, it would most likely suit a young lady, but this in no way is a toy.  Its quite a serious guitar from CRAFTER.

Check out CRAFTER Model ST200.  The Pink Strat

In Immaculate playing condition at under 50 pounds. Great value for a "Near New" Electric Guitar

ST 200 CRAFTER. Crafter strat, vgc set up. White on PINK £ 44.99

Cruiser by CRAFTER. Model ST200 ( all new hardware) £59.99

All new Guitar.  The Crafter Cruiser body with New P/ups, pots, switch and Black Scratchplate.  New Quality strings.

Finished in a lovely unblemished Pink and nicely contrasted Black pickguard.  Really looks stunning with the added reassurance of being a serious guitar from CRAFTER.

CRAFTER ST 200 Cruser. As New condition £ 59.99

EPIPHONE Les Paul Special model. Immaculate in Black. £ 149.99

Les Paul Special Model from EPIPHONE. In astonishing condition. Only at £149.99

The display picture speaks for itself.  If only I could stop from picking it up, so excuse any finger marks on it.  It really is immaculate in Black, but does show finger marks only ....You pick it up to clean it and you just cant help but play it.  A lovely example, a really genuine as near unused as you can get

EPIPHONE Strat £ 159.99

Stratocaster model from EPIPHONE. Bold and Black Ready to perform....£159.99

You don't see many of these for sale in as good condition as this one.  Well worth coming to try out .  Strings and set up done for previous player, so it may be as you like it....come give it a try