WESTFIELD Semi Acoustic. Priced to clear ***NOW SOLD***NOW SOLD***

E K O model: TJ 7C Jumbo Semi Acoustic Guitar £ 89.99 ***also see Acoustic Electric Guitar page. Click MENU***

THIS IS A CUT-AWAY jUMBO BODY 6 STRING  ACOUSTIC / ELECTRIC GUITAR in very nice playing condition.  A few minor cosmetic blemishes, but certainly fulfills expectation of a great sounding semi acoustic jumbo guitar.  It will come with a set-up and very good quality strings.  P/up and Pre amp all in good working order.

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Sherwood SH775-RD        £ 34.99

A nice low priced used guitar. Not without a certain amount of age and use related blemishes,but new strings and fret board oiled along with a set-up to create ease of playing action. Make an ideal "busker" come travell guitar as well as a nice player and sounding practice guitar and priced accordingly


A lovely easy player. Perfect for the novice or great as a second to haul around with you on your travells.  It actually sounds rather good and would encourage practice.  Great for less demanding playes and at this price would be great as a "Busker / Festival / Camping bring-a-long guitar.  New strings of quality used as the norm.  Not to be sniffed at, Its under 40 pounds......great value The Manhattan Right Hand player, six string Acoustic.

Encore Roundback ENC-02  Acoustic/Electric.  £ 34.99

A Roundback Semi Acoustic Guitar

issue with slight bow in neck. Still a player

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Please use contac details given

for any questions RE: Neck distortion. Still a playable guitar, No Buz

View "down-neck" as shown slight warp. However, new strings and Pre-amp battery added as stil playable. No Buz, just high action mid way down neck. Busker / strummer camping / festival ready

"Busker / festival / campfire entertainment Guitar. HOHNER MW400N at only £34.99

HOHNER  MW400 N   6string right hand acoustic guitar.  Fresh strings just added.  This guitar would make an ideal starter instrument or ideal as a guitar to take on travell for festival - camping, hollidays or Pub Garden Busking.. The fret board is showing signs of wear, but this is ideal for a  guitar to have araound for outdoor party events etc. Ideal for the novice layer to ractice on, but fancy fretwork will dissapoint.  But nice and resonate for busking and thrashing through chords.  Nice low action that wont let you down with out too many nasty buzzes....just a zubb, as I said  2nd on B.  Other than that, a good companion. Selling cheap I feel...perhaps a nut or bit of old string if you really wanted too avoid one slight buzz But hey, its a good little player for under thirty five quid

New strings and Bridge Pins were required and replaced. And its still priced low """

WESTFIELD WF 400 Acoustic , right hand player in very good used condition £ 59.99

A lovely well seasoned acoustic guitar.  Set-up nicely and good quality strings used.  A good nicely balance economy guitar. Ideal introductory instrument

saddle, nut fretboard serviced and quality new strings. As always

HOYER 12 STRING. Made in Germany Vintage 1960's

This is a fine example of German Craftmanship.  It is a Vintage 1960's HOYER 12 String and it is absolutely playable and performs as it should. Ther is No bellyin, neck sinking, bridge lifting and the action is absolutely fine.  It stays in tune.  However I keep the strings relaxed as precaution. Ther is some age only related blemishes, but this guitar is absolutely authenti in every way.  This Guitar can be seen being used by many artists ine the past and definetly a collecter instrument.  In all, its a historic guitar and actuelly playable and can be used.

Email me for any questions.  ***Also Click Menu for 12 STRING GUITARS page and other options***

Asking Price £149.99

Totally authentic

and totally in good playing order

IBANEZ Semi Acoustic. Immaculate in Black. ***NOW SOLD * NOW SOLD ***

Well Seasoned Guitar. MARLIN MF-CAE *** NOW SOLD ***

This guitar is over 37 years old and is solid.  It has the Under Saddle p/up strip removed and a cheap n cheerfull soundhole p/up introduce with added vol and tone pots also introduced.  This guitar is a single cut[away dreadnought body with a slightly narrower neck. Suited to amplified playing and / or possibly country. Folk  playing.  This guitar has very few marks on it and is possibly the sturdiest guitar not to be very well recognised.  Remember, this Marlin looks to be well made in comparison with later ones.  A good sound investment , but as I say, plays and sounds best amplified.

New strings applied as always.  

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***NOW SOLD***

***NOW SOLD***

***NOW SOLD***

***** * NOW SOLD* *****


ALVAREZ . RF 16 CE Elec / Acoustic Folk Guitar £ 94.99

This is a lovely smaller folk sized guitar and a serious contender for live performance playing. Either as an acoustic or semi acoustic, this guitar will fill any area for live playing..a very serious semi-acoustic by Alvarez.  Now cleaned and set-up with fresh set of Martin medium light gauge for good quality resound suitable leaning more towards folk, but with the good range benefittined from the on-board pre-amp control bass ,Treb and mid range, apply it to whatever suits your style.  It covers a wide scope and will not disappoint.


This guitar is in every aspect, in good playing, structural and cosmetic condition.  Just come and try it out Ready to play

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£ 94.99

Alvarez £ 94.99

Alvarez £ 94.99

£ 94.99

E K O Ranger VR6 Immaculate acoustic 6 string guitar Traditional burst finish at.......£149.99

E K O Ranger VR VI   re-issue   in "as new" codition. Qualty strings just fitted Priced at £149.99

EKO. An immaculate guitar at £149.99

EKO Ranger XI re-issue


Asking Price £149.99

EPIPHONE EJ200 ACOUSTIC in Immaculate black finish....£289.99

Nicely set up with a lovely comfortable action. Good Quality Elixir Nano Web strings employed giving full range and an full acoustic resound as found with this Jumbo six string acoustic.  There are no on board Pickups on this model, but may be introduced further to a revised valuation

Check-it-out Model: EJ 200 CBK

This is a "As-New" 12 string Epiphone DR212/N and We have priced it at £249.99

This guitar was collected by me from a customer.  He bought it for his own pleasure, not realizing the size of it. And then, sfter jus picking up once found that he would'nt play it because it was too big....It  is a 12 string Dreadnought after all.  However,  I have it now.  It is Brand New although I have tuned it, played it and then relaxed the strings and kept it dust free and boxed.  After all, if I were to hang it with my others, it would get played and then it would'nt be bright and new.  This is the problem with buying guitars from shops without actually picking them up to try.

These guitars , the Epiphone 12 string DR models appear in Ads for varying prices.  Richtone seem to be able to send them mail order for under one hundred and eighty pound, not sure if thats with p&pm.  Reverb advertize some at over two hundred and fifteen pounds, again with p&p  on top.  And ive just looked and seen a preowned used DR212/N  for over three hundred and fifty.  So I have valued and priced it as above while pondering adding a p/up set up or device.

These are great 12 strings and have good reviews wherever you look.  The usual Epiphone spruce top and mahogonny etc nickel  or otherwise hardware...its all good Epiphone stuff that has retained their high reputation.

So, all that remains is for you to come and try it, as mentioned earlier, you cant do that (try it) when you buy on-line, so maybe its a false economy...whatever .  My price is £249.99  if I introduce amplification adaptation, the price will be revised accordingly.....If I cant resist playing it for a time.  We'll see.  Have a good look, or come and try it.  I'm around most week-day mornings if you do want to come round.  Check it out on-line  EPIPHONE DR21/N   (as-new)



Lovely playing, easy action grat sounding guitar to suit all.  In very good used (slight use only).  New Good Quality strings just introduced during a set-up for ease of action.  The guitar is a Right Hand player suited to any player.  And hardly a blemish on the Natural Satin Finish  A Bargain at £ 129.99


In Immaculate Cosmetic and Playing condition

Recording King at £119.99


Just Immaculate.  See images (below) for details

Recording King RDH-05

Excellent Condition at £119.99

Price £119.99. Trad "Dirty 1930's"

in the Traditional Sunburst Matte Finish

*** £119.99 ***

WASHBURN ....£ 89.99

This guitar is in great condition. New good quality strings and se-up. Finish is a lovely Deep Red ...see more details with images (below)*****PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR MORE PICTURES AND DETAILS-WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION PERIOD(((((andyritchie.co.uk@gmail.com)))))

Model DR100 EPIPHONE in Black at £139.99

This guitar is in "As near New" as you can get, having been re-strung with good quality strings and Set-Up ready to perform***PLEASE EMAIL ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS UNTILL WEBSITE IS RESTORED TO WORKING ORDER***