A lovely easy player. Perfect for the novice or great as a second to haul around with you on your travells.  It actually sounds rather good and would encourage practice.  Great for less demanding playes and at this price would be great as a "Busker / Festival / Camping bring-a-long guitar.  New strings of quality used as the norm.  Not to be sniffed at, Its under 40 pounds......great value The Manhattan Right Hand player, six string Acoustic.

Satin finish solid guitar

MANHATTAN 6 String Acoustic. Well priced at £ 39.99. Quality New Strings fitted

WESTFIELD WF 400 Acoustic , right hand player in very good used condition £ 59.99

A lovely well seasoned acoustic guitar.  Set-up nicely and good quality strings used.  A good nicely balance economy guitar. Ideal introductory instrument

Westfield WF 400 Acoustic R H Player.vgc used guitar at £ 59.99

HOYER 12 STRING. Made in Germany Vintage 1960's

This is a fine example of German Craftmanship.  It is a Vintage 1960's HOYER 12 String and it is absolutely playable and performs as it should. Ther is No bellyin, neck sinking, bridge lifting and the action is absolutely fine.  It stays in tune.  However I keep the strings relaxed as precaution. Ther is some age only related blemishes, but this guitar is absolutely authenti in every way.  This Guitar can be seen being used by many artists ine the past and definetly a collecter instrument.  In all, its a historic guitar and actuelly playable and can be used.

Email me for any questions.


IBANEZ Semi Acoustic. Immaculate in Black. £ 89.99

In perfect playing and cosmetic condition for a pre-owned, but hardly used guitar.   IBANEZ V726CE-BK2Y-02

Freshly strung with good quality Martin's and set up.  On Board Tuner and 3 band Pre-amp all in good working order ( good battery )  Plays and sounds exceptional.   And a very good condition guitar.....hardly a blemish, a bargain at this price, so don't be surprised  if it isnt here too long

£ 89.99

On-Board Pre Amp & Tuner

Immaculate ( excuse, photo shows micro dust and reflections )

Well Seasoned Guitar. MARLIN MF-CAE £ 89.99

This guitar is over 37 years old and is solid.  It has the Under Saddle p/up strip removed and a cheap n cheerfull soundhole p/up introduce with added vol and tone pots also introduced.  This guitar is a single cut[away dreadnought body with a slightly narrower neck. Suited to amplified playing and / or possibly country. Folk  playing.  This guitar has very few marks on it and is possibly the sturdiest guitar not to be very well recognised.  Remember, this Marlin looks to be well made in comparison with later ones.  A good sound investment , but as I say, plays and sounds best amplified.

New strings applied as always.

Advise, see narrow width of neck at Nut End. Keeping in mind this is a full size single cut-away Dreadnought size

Shown here in comparison with another full size dreadnoudgt size bodied guitar

ALVAREZ . RF 16 CE Elec / Acoustic Folk Guitar

This is a lovely smaller folk sized guitar and a serious contender for live performance playing. Either as an acoustic or semi acoustic, this guitar will fill any area for live playing..a very serious semi-acoustic by Alvarez.  Now cleaned and set-up with fresh set of Martin medium light gauge for good quality resound suitable leaning more towards folk, but with the good range benefittined from the on-board pre-amp control bass ,Treb and mid range, apply it to whatever suits your style.  It covers a wide scope and will not disappoint.


This guitar is in every aspect, in good playing, structural and cosmetic condition.  Just come and try it out Ready to play

ALVAREZ RF 16 CE. £94.99

Good Quality MARTIN Strings just added and playing action set-up


E K O  acoustic 6 string guitar

E K O Ranger VR XI  re-issue   in "as new" codition. Qualty strings just fitted Priced at £149.99

E K O RANGER VR XI re issue as new £149.99


finished in a lovely traditional gloss sunburst

Quality New Strings fitted

Please ignore micro dust specs on photo

Acoustic Jumbo Guitar - EJ 200

EPIPHONE MODEL:  EJ200CBK. Very good quality strings and set-up ready to perform. Ease of performing, good quality resound and range, an excellent Acoustic Guitar from EPIPHONE as expected.  This guitar is in very good used condition.  Please excuse any micro specs picked up in images.  The guitar is almost blemish free

EPIPHONE EJ200 ACOUSTIC in Immaculate black finish....£289.99

Nicely set up with a lovely comfortable action. Good Quality Elixir Nano Web strings employed giving full range and an full acoustic resound as found with this Jumbo six string acoustic.  There are no on board Pickups on this model, but may be introduced further to a revised valuation

Check-it-out Model: EJ 200 CBK

Priced as seen at £ 289.99

"As-New" EPIPHONE   12 String MODEL DR212N

Brand new out of the box.  Tuned played and then string relaxed again.  Price may be revised if p/up introduced


Lovely playing, easy action grat sounding guitar to suit all.  In very good used (slight use only).  New Good Quality strings just introduced during a set-up for ease of action.  The guitar is a Right Hand player suited to any player.  And hardly a blemish on the Natural Satin Finish  A Bargain at £ 129.99

YAMAHA FG 700MS at £ 129.99

SHERWOOD SHA75RD acoustic £34.99

Cheap and cheerful  nice playing guitar. Ideal "Busker" / introductory purpose guitar.  New strings and set up with a easy action. In a cosmetically fair condition, but pkays and sounds well for a used budget guitar.  Good value

Set up and new strings ready to play....only £34.99

**Faulty and priced at £34.99 due to this fault** has bowed neck. ok for basic chord work Party / camping guitar Elecs all good

COMPARISONl (Left) Encore ENC-2 Elec Acoustic Roundback. (Right) Encore EA 400N Elec acoustic Dreadnought guitar


Just Immaculate.  See images (below) for details


Model: RDH-05 DIRTY 1930's


This guitar is in great condition. New good quality strings and se-up. Finish is a lovely Deep Red ...see more details with images (below)

WASHBURN D100 £ 89.99

Model DR100 EPIPHONE in Black

This guitar is in "As near New" as you can get, having been re-strung with good quality strings and Set-Up ready to perform

Finished in Immaculate Black

No Blemishes - Pictures show reflections

Immaculate, really needs to be seen to believe

Pictures just do not do it justice

MARTIN light- quality strings just fitted

Excuse the finger marks on the stock. That's all it is. Nochips

** £ 139.99 **

Once again, excuse the finger marks in the picture. There are No chips, dents or marks on ths guitar


New Martin Lights fitted