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Westfield Precision Bass. Cleaned, Setup and New Strings £124.99. Used guitar, so some signs of use. Plays fine. Ideal Starter, setup nicely

Westfield P Bass £124.99

Cleaned, Setup & New Strings

Ibanez SR300 "As-New" Was £199.99 ****NOW SOLD**NOW SOLD****

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One of the best on the Budget Bass Guitar market


Pre-owned, but hardly been played ( Minimal times by non-player) ***

Immaculate condition

****NOW SOLD****

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an amazing range of varied tone and sound

****NOW SOLD - NOW SOLD - NOW SOLD****A slimline agathis body. Maple and Rosewood thin, fast neck with a rosewood fingerboard. Active EQ. Treble Mid and Bass Boost. Balance and Volume controls...so versatile. A great starter or accompliced players Bass Guitar in Immaculate Pearl White finish. As new, however has just been restrung, fretboars oiled and frets cleaned as pert of incoming inspection. Tunes up nicely and intonement all as it should be up and down the fretboard. Check out any Reviews on line for this Ibanez, much sought after Soundgear guitar. £199.99